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Strong's #4470: rhakos

(pronounced hrak'-os)

from 4486; a "rag,"

i.e. piece / remnant of cloth:--cloth.

Who are we and why are we on this path?

Our name expresses a lot - a rag or remnant of cloth in the hands of the Master can be used to bring Him honor and glory.


Our life paths were spent in the secular marketplace as creatives, marketers and salespeople as well as Christ followers, lovers of Him and His people. 


He’s the author of our faith journey

and as we learn and grow so does our desire for others to know Him. Especially as His eminent appearing is closer.


What began as a request to create a gospel tract for high schoolers became so much more. When you think of a gospel tract your mind goes to a low quality, poorly designed and inexpensively printed throw away flyer or small booklet.

As we discussed the project - we felt it could be so much more – if done well, it would become a tool people would want to use that could lead to a change in someone’s eternal destination.


This has been a journey of faith and obedience. We continue to move forward following His lead each step of the way. 


We’re working with an amazing printer who believes in the message of the Time-Piece and is working to keep the price affordable. It’s all about getting this message out:"that God loves us and wants our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life."


It really is “about time” – time to ask others if they're ready? Time is short - His appearing is eminent - let’s help start those conversations. 

Create a timely, highly-visible tool that can engage unsaved loved ones through the ABCs of salvation in Christ – one that reveals the urgency and reality of the Last Days we are in – make it memorable so they can no longer unsee it – and compel them to Christ.
Keep it relevant and make it available for the coming Tribulation saints.

We will experience
The Rescue for the rest of our lives, while thoughtfully, purposefully, tangibly and creatively introducing and advancing it to others.

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